Sunday 23 June 2024

"A.A. Aroma Fisis" is an apiary that produces natural Cypriot beehive products with appropriate biological handling since 2015. Also, it is a licenced manufacturer, authorised by the National Cosmetics Council. It produces a wide range of 100% natural handmade Cypriot cosmetics since 2017 under the brand name «A.A. N Nature's Aroma».

Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, thyme honey, propolis, aloe vera and essential oils. Free of preservatives, colouring, or artificial additives.

The beeswax ointment is an oil based product with various properties. It provides deep hydration to the skin, giving a natural healthy glow, leaving skin feeling soft.

The range of 100% natural handmade beeswax ointments, with their natural aroma, are ideal for all skin types and for all ages (adults, infants and children). They are suitable for the eyes, face, hands, body, as well as hair. They are also suitable for before and after sun exposure. They are applied daily for velvety and healthy skin and hair. Products can be applied day and night.

They have created a natural skin care brand with an ethical approach and social responsibility, in order to provide a natural skin enhancement and protection without any added chemicals. Their goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of cosmetic products by using greener formulations and sustainable packaging.