Sunday 23 June 2024

Elena Christoforou lives in Melini, a village in Mountainous Larnaca with about 60 inhabitants.
Her husband started working with bees as an amateur in 2011, while in 2015 when she became unemployed, she decided to work professionally as well. A bad turn of events, an accident her husband had in 2016, forced her to take over their business alone for a while. With the help of the Larnaca Rural Women's Association, which stood by Elena in all stages of the development of her work, in 2021 her beehives exceeded 300 and she was able to support her family with this business.

Unfortunately, the disastrous fire of July 4, 2021 affected, among other things, Elena's business, when approximately 50% of her bees and her laboratory went up in flames. United even in difficult times, as a couple they don't give up. Together, they roll up their sleeves and return to work, with passion and love for nature, to slowly regain what they have achieved through hard work.