Thursday 23 May 2024


Lead beneficiary
Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private corporate body functioning under special law and is financially independent, free of any influence by the state. The Chamber is funded by its members’ subscription fees and through income generated from a number of services it provides.

The CCCI is the union of Cypriot businessmen, the interests of whom it promotes by submitting to the government and the Parliament the members’ positions on matters in which they are involved, while, through its participation in tripartite bodies and committees, it conveys and promotes the views of the business community.

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1927 and in 1963, a new structure was adopted, which remains in operation to date, under the name of: “Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. The CCCI is the federation of the local Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) which operate in Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta, Larnaca and Paphos. The local CCIs have a geographical coverage of their respective districts. The Nicosia CCI covers also the districts of Kyrenia and Morphou.

The membership of the CCCI exceeds 8,000 enterprises from the whole spectrum of business activity. Affiliated to it are more than 140 Professional Associations from the trade, industry and services sectors.


Partner 1
A.M. Filagrotiki Symvouleftiki Ltd, Cyprus

A.M. FILAGROTIKI CONSULTANTS works in the field of agro-economic consultancy services. It was established in 2004 with the scope of providing support to farmers in utilizing fully the EU funds for agriculture.

The company has gradually expanded operation to cover the full spectrum of agroeconomic consultancy including primary processing industries of agricultural products and regional development programs.


Partner 2
Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, Egypt

CEEBA, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations was established to create one powerful national pan European network to advocate on behalf of Egyptian Business for market access to the EU and to promote EU Egyptian Trade and Investment.

CEEBA was founded in 2004 by the British-Egyptian, the French, the German-Arab Chamber and the Italian Chamber of Commerce. CEEBA members are business associations and representatives of the enlarged European Union, the EU27. Being a confederation of chambers CEEBA does not accept direct company membership.

Since its inception CEEBA has been a major player in all industrial sectors by organizing specific Conferences, Exhibitions, Symposia, Business Round Table, preparing white papers and organizing door-knock missions. Regularly CEEBA delegations from Egypt are participating in conferences, workshops and roundtables in the EU.

It executes visibility activities and support to EuroMed and ENP processes and supports capacity building of economic operators (EU-Egypt Bilateral Chambers). CEEBA coordinates the activities of the European chambers and business associations in Egypt and acts also on behalf of non-existent bilateral chambers for EU member state.

CEEBA is also involved as a contractor in several of EU business support projects. It is the first partner to be solicited to conduct business meetings with EC commissioners, as well as with EU heads of state and cabinet members and the B2B activities for escorting business delegations.

CEEBA is the recognized partner of Eurochambres and has been a major actor of Med Invest and other MEDA 1, MEDA 2 and ENPi projects.


Partner 3
Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, And Agriculture Of Zahle And The Bekaa, Lebanon

The CCIAZ represents in general the interests of the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in Lebanon, provides information, proposals and projects aiming at the development of the Lebanese economy to government departments and affiliated members, facilitates contacts between members and local authorities and foreign embassies, resolves disputes among members by means of reconciliation or arbitration, delivers certificates of origin, validates bills and documents as well as the signatures of registered members, and provides information about the dates and venues of international exhibitions.

The CCIAZ is without any doubt contributing, within its capabilities and competences, to the economic development of the Beqaa region and its promotion at the local, regional and international levels. This effort is reflected in the quality of the activities carried out by the Chairman and members of the Board, the focus on practical matters that allow the acceleration of the economic dynamics in the region, through communication with a large number of its affiliated members and with industrialists, farmers, merchants and businessmen as well as the media and civil society. On the national level, its efforts are reflected in its active participation in the Federation of Lebanese Chambers of Commerce as well as various economic organs; in its ad hoc committees on agriculture, industry, and on Lebanon’s joining the Euro-Mediterranean agreements and the WTO; and in its constant contacts with public and private institutions, embassies, diplomatic and commercial missions, and international organizations. On the Arab level, the CCIAZ has participated in the Arab Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture General Secretariat. Internationally, it has participated in meetings of the International Chamber of Commerce and participating Arab chambers, and in conferences and exhibitions; it has organized visits to the European markets in order to facilitate the access of the products from the Beqaa, and carried out a series of agricultural and other specialized training sessions.

The CCIAZ conducted an industrial survey that covered active industrial firms in the Beqaa, to keep up with the industrial development in the region and prepare the creation of databases and statistics necessary to take strategic decisions in the interest of this sector. Furthermore, the Chamber passed the internal audit imposed by the Quality Management Programs ISO 9001-2000, which is in line with the objectives set by the CCIAZ and its attempts to develop its administrative system in order to ensure modern practices and conformity with international standards.

The Chamber opened a training center for its affiliated members and people working in the productive and economic sectors in the Beqaa, to provide them with IT, computer programming, English, vocational, and quality management training. There are many projects and programs still to be launched, all aiming at the economic development and progress of the Beqaa.


Partner 4
The Palestinian Business Women’s Association- Asala, Palestine

ASALA was established in 1997 under the name Center for Women’s Economic Projects (CWEP) and registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) under the current name in 2001.

ASALA’s mission is and has always been to provide services that help women in poverty to change their lives, their social position, and their future by enabling and encouraging their successful participation in sustainable economic activities. In pursuing this goal, ASALA’s staff and supporters commit to the values of transparency, democracy, social equity, professionalism and coherence. Originally known as a microfinance institution, ASALA NGO has developed a variety of services since its foundation to better enable women entrepreneurs to make use of economic opportunities. In 2014, ASALA NGO separated itself from any microfinance operations due to a change in legislation.

Today, the NGO focuses on contributing to women’s empowerment by supporting its beneficiaries in the areas of capacity building, access to markets, and advocacy and lobbying for women’s economic and social rights. The NGO continues to leverage the services of the micro finance institution and vice versa to maximize their effectiveness in helping poor women improve their social and economic condition.


Partner 5
Arab Italian Chamber of Cooperation, Italy

The Italian-Arab Chamber of Cooperation was founded in 1972, with the aim of promoting economic cooperation and trade relations between Italy and Arab countries.

In our 50 years of activity we have favored the internationalization of companies, offering them a framework of knowledge and information as well as specific technical and operational support, intended for both large and medium-sized companies and small and micro companies.

The relationships and multiple agreements with authorities and institutions, with research agencies and institutes, with business organizations and chambers of commerce are functional to this goal, as well as the collaboration agreements with Simest, Invitalia, business networks, banking and financial institutions.

The Chamber of Commerce is associated with large companies from the public and private sectors, medium and small companies, banks, Chambers of Commerce, organizations and associations.

The website offers information and databases, especially aimed at encouraging contacts and the development of trade and economic cooperation between Italy and the Arab countries.

Membership is reserved for companies based in Italy or in an Arab state.