Sunday 23 June 2024

Since an early age, she has had a big dream. Torkeya, who lives in Kom El Shoqafa, just opposite the archaeological catacombs in Alexandria, grew up, and her dream of making her street magical again led her to become a leader and a source of empowerment for the women in her neighborhood. The first bazaar in the street, Khan Antica, is witnessing every day her years of effort and teaching women the art of making bags, dresses, and curtains.

When she found out about MedBEESiness Hubs grant, the BeeT line was launched to enrich the educational and production journey of handicrafts, with a special focus on bags incorporating bee products and inspiration. When you pronounce BeeT, it is a recall of ancient times when the Ancient Egyptians pronounced it the same way to refer to their sacred bees.

Khan Antica is a live example of how past and present are linked and how the change in the present affects our perception about the past, the identity and society.