Sunday 23 June 2024

Derived from their belief that children and youth are the future protectors, three siblings decided to transfer their knowledge of beekeeping to the next generation in the most interesting and up-to-date ways.

"The Young Beekeeper" is a farm located in Edku since 1978, where trips and workshops targeting youth and children introduce the beekeeping topic and raise awareness of the importance of the role of bees and apiary products in maintaining environmental, health, and nutritional balance to become future cadres in beekeeping or ecosystem preservation defenders.

The workshops use developed handouts, electronic games, video tutorials, coloring cards, and printed educational materials to explain the different stages in beekeeping and honeybee production. Through these workshops and field visits, a whole educational api-tourism experience gets closer to its goal of promoting the beekeeping industry and introducing the right methods and information. This leads to maximizing the yield of bee production and maintaining the protection of the ecosystem by increasing the number of apiaries and preserving bees from the risk of extinction.