Sunday 23 June 2024

The Palestine Mountains Honey Corporation has been established since 1992, and now it produces honey from the best breeds of honey-collecting bees distributed throughout the West Bank. We have developed the production of honey products and preparations, and we have a special center for selling honey, which is the first and only center of its kind in Palestine specialized in selling honey and honey products, where we work on producing many mixtures with honey, herbs and royal jelly for most diseases, and many types of soap and therapeutic creams Made with honey, beeswax and natural oils. We follow all developments around the world in beekeeping and production of new honey preparations.

The Palestine Mountain Honey Foundation has participated in many exhibitions in the homeland and met with great success, and it has received many invitations to participate in exhibitions in Arab countries such as the Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan, and some foreign countries including Turkey, Romania and Malaysia, and these exhibitions met with success It is greatly admired by the citizens of these countries.

The Foundation takes the quality of its products to the highest standards to ensure the best quality. Palestine Mountains Honey got the first grade and the first degree in honey at the level of Palestine with the certificate and certification of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Palestine Mountains Honey Corporation imports all bee equipment and supplies directly from the exporting countries and takes the highest specifications for this equipment.