Sunday 23 June 2024

Bee Spa by Melissokampos makes certified natural cosmetics with bee products.

It is a small business with natural, handmade soaps and beeswax creams, made with dedication in a certified laboratory in the Nicosia district, based on modern specifications.
The certified handmade cosmetics of Bee Spa by Melissokampos are dominated as raw materials by extra virgin olive oil, honey and beeswax. For the preparation of soaps, the cold method is used, so that the components of the oils are not thermally stressed and keep their skin-nourishing properties intact.

In addition to honey, soaps are enriched with coconut milk, wine, beer, as well as with valuable essential oils, depending on the action attributed to them, and are left to mature for at least a month, until they are ready to be used on the skin. They do not contain any additional chemicals, colors or fragrances. In the series of soaps you will find bars with essential oils of mint and orange, cedar, cinnamon, geranium and lavender.

Beeswax creams are 100% natural, made from extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and essential oils, and have beneficial properties for the body, as they moisturize, regenerate and give it shine and elasticity. The chios mastic cheat cream cream is highly moisturizing for the hands and body, while the series is complemented by lavender for rest, smooth feet for soft and relaxed feet and orange lip balm that nourishes and moisturizes the lips.

The products leave no residue in the environment and all packaging comes from recycled materials that are recycled. Environmental protection is key for the Bee Spa by Melissokampos. After all, its products also stand for this: A clean environment, without chemicals, where there will be respect for nature's resources and not exploitation or waste of them.