Sunday 23 June 2024

Merit, an Ancient Egyptian name referring to an Egyptian queen, crowned Hoda and her husband Ahmeds brand name, which specializes in women's self-care products. As the couple has been suffering from several skin allergies to chemical products, they decided to make good use of their scientific background in chemistry and biochemistry to create alternatives to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. What many people do not know is that these chemical compounds on the skin transform into radical ones once they decompose under the sun, which may cause cancer in the long term. This has pushed them to create an alternative for the hair wax remover that is widely used by numerous people.

For years of hard work and successive trials that their mini-laboratory witnessed, Hoda and Ahmed were importing raw materials, examining different formulas, and measuring the effectiveness of their product. In 2019, the couple has finally reached a formula with the needed consistency for natural hairwax that is 100% free from preservatives and chemically synthetic substitutes, thanks to a sterilization method waiting to be patented. Glimmer Natural Cosmetics has thus been established with other self-care and beauty products such as the Merit beeswax soap and the Merit Duo Tint, that has gained popularity among customers in several Arab countries.

Today, as Merit becomes a trusted brand, the mini-laboratory opens its arms for new mini-members to contribute to its production; Nour and Yehia, the youngest chemists in the family, adding their pure spirits and innocent hopes to the brand of their parents.