Sunday 23 June 2024

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Maha, like many mothers in this world, realized that her self care had fallen behind her career and motherhood responsibilities. True, the pandemic provided an opportunity for all of us to rediscover ourselves, but it has also been a financial and psychological hardship.

In the midst of these massive events, Maha chose to embrace every challenge as a new opportunity and shifted her focus from her cultural center to pharmacy once again, but this time with a brand new approach. Her new journey began with a series of courses that resulted in one-of-a-kind, organic cosmetics that not only filled a void in a dwindling market but also a void in her soul. Maha realized that learning is a lifelong adventure and a purpose in itself as her business grew and her products were released. That's when she decided to attend the Medbeesiness Hubs workshops in Alexandria's historic Chamber of Commerce to incorporate honeybees into her formulas, represented in the Busy Bee Line ofher business. The grant enabled her to further embody her beliefs on self-care and 'green beauty' as a necessity into one sustainable solution for Mother Earth and mothers of Earth.