Sunday 23 June 2024

After extensive field research and genuine interest in the situation of beekeepers in the east Delta, Ola Megahed and her husband Mahmoud Eldeeb, two beekeepers from Damietta, a governorate overlooking both the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea, realized that a change was needed and decided to become initiators of that change.

Regarding beeswax, beekeepers in that area are limited to the base wax production used in the manufacture of cells due to financial, environmental, and technical challenges. This is where the idea of S&R Candles, referring to the unique location between the Sea and the River, emerged; creating added value and fulfilling a market need by converting natural raw materials into high-quality products at reasonable prices while targeting important urban centers such as Port Said, Mansoura, and Zagazik, which represent a good customer base but lack a supply of good quality local products. By empowering the women and employees of the Bee Products sector in Kafr Saad Center in Damietta and making good use of its unique location and of being the capital of furniture manufacturing in Egypt, a good market opportunity for wood polish, home accessories, thematic ceremonies candles for churches and newborns, and beauty products made of organic beeswax is guaranteed, in addition to the needed awareness about the importance of the bees in our lives.