Sunday 23 June 2024

Semsemia Tours is an educational tourism company with a deliberate focus on a slow-paced approach. Its primary objective revolves around the promotion and expansion of educational tourism within various provinces. This objective is achieved through three key activities:

  1. Organizing cultural trips and educational camps.
  2. Developing destinations and creating cultural content in collaboration with and about the provinces.
  3. Providing training and consulting services to various local communities.

Semsemia Tours has an established presence in multiple locations that share similarities with the Egypttian Euro-Mediterranean areas. The company conducts a range of trips catering to both national and international knowledge seekers and tourists. Central to each educational and touristic experience are two core principles: active participation of local communities and the unique storytelling styles they offer. Semsemia Tours currently offers tours to different apiaries across the delta lakes, as well as in Siwa and Sharqia. Additionally, the company offers to national and international tourists, slow tourism packages, along with destinations’ content creation, and training programs for local residents. These initiatives extend to various activities, including participation in the Mango Festival, horse breeding, and more.

Semsemia's ability to successfully execute the proposed project is underpinned by its vision, values, and practical experience. A substantial part of Semsemia's value and eligibility can be attributed to the diverse and accomplished team members who share a common vision and objectives. Their collective background encompasses a broad spectrum of educational and practical experiences, reinforcing Semsemia's capacity to deliver on its mission.