Sunday 23 June 2024

Pure candles are handmade candles, made from all natural ingredients protecting you and your family from all the vaporized chemicals in other candles while you light and enjoy our products. Pure candles use natural waxes like soy and coconut wax as well as bee wax, these have many benefits such as the extended burning time because of their natural qualities it does not vaporize quickly giving you more burning time to enjoy your candle in our various natural scents like Vanilla, Rosemary, Mint, and Lavender.

After a long career in the corporate and academic world and the stress ridden life, i decided to start a different path of calmness, clarity, and increasing awareness within my body and the environment. Through my journey in yoga I learned about the importance of candles and got really invested, I started researching and learning about them throughout my research I found how toxic cheap candles made in unsustainable ways can be, from the lead in the wick to the phthalates and parabens in the wax, candles are meant to purify your space and attract focus and good energy and it shouldnt be harmful, thats why I started learning and creating candles that are made from natural wax, i used soy and coconut wax and put as many elements from the environment as I could that is something really important to me. Thats when I launched the brand and started joining local markets. This encouraged me to delve into bee wax, I joined groups where people were working with all kinds of bee wax products, got training from local organizations, and started creating my own bee wax products. I also expanded into making candles that can be used as message oils when melted, and I am always experimenting and testing out products to expand variety and utility of my brand for my customers.